Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Messenger 292 - Anglicanorum Coetibus: Patrimony, Unity and Mission

We normally do a print run of 600 for our members and key ecumenical contacts and Church leaders, but this time printed and distributed 1200. Stocks have been exhausted. It is being widely read and considered as the imminent Ordinariate's foundation takes shape in people's minds.

A Second Edition will be printed, including corrections to the text arising from a technical error at first impression. If you would like a corrected version, or you do not already have a copy they are available free to bone fide enquirers in return for a donation to postage costs. See the notice at the head of the blog.

The Next edition of The Messenger is in preparation and will contain an Interview with Cardinal Levada, further essays on Anglican Patrimony in the Catholic Church, and on ongoing prospects for unity and the shape of ecumenism between Anglicans and Catholics in a new situation for unity and mission.

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