Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Newman Fund

From late 2010 the Catholic League has operated the Newman Fund to receive donations in support of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham until it was able to establish its own systems and charitable status. So far we have collected £29,500 with around an additional £5,000 due thanks to Gift Aid.

Approximately £11,000 of this is for the Ordinariate's general purposes, the remainder having been donated in respect of particular local groups. The Ordinariate gained charitable status in its own right a few months ago, but registration with HM Revenue and Customs has not been concluded, so the Newman Fund enables tax-efficient donations to be made online and by bankers order in the meantime.

Since Easter and the reception of nearly 1,000 as members of the Ordinariate, monthly donations stand at £9,984 in April and £7,821 in May (both before Gift Aid is added). We are currently conveying these funds to the Ordinariate. Once its own systems are all in place, we shall close the Newman Fund in favour of the Ordinariate. But for now it remains open, especially for processing tax-efficient standing orders and other online donations.

These funds are in addition to the substantial grant of £65,000 that the League has offered from its own resources towards the ordinariate's central administration and the Ordinary's office running costs.


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