Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Grants

At the recent meeting of the Catholic League's Executive, the following grants were approved in realisation of the League's objectives:
  • £10,000 to the Anglican Centre in Rome towards the costs of its fine new booklet for free distirbution on the history of Anglican-Catholic relations and the imperturbably hopeful work towards corporate reunion between the Apostolic See of Rome and the "Church of England entire" with the Anglican Communion, within the one Catholic Church. Our grant will, moreover, enable the creation of a "virtual centre" of resources, documents and agreements that chart the progress of Anglican-Catholic unity and support the current work of ARCIC
  • £3,000 to the Ordinariate to support the The Portal, the online magazine to inform Roman Catholics and Anglicans alike about the Ordinariate’s positive purpose and to explore their shared patrimony, as it evolves into an official organ of the Ordinariate
  • £1,000 to the Norbertine Priory at Chelmsford towards the promotion of vocations

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