Sunday, 21 July 2013

Centenary: Thanks

At the end of the July 2013 Centenary Celebrations, we would like to record our thanks to the following people:

  • Mgr Keith Newton and Fr Mark Eliot-Smith for welcoming us to the Church of the Assumption and St Gregory, Warwick Street, for our AGM, first Centenary Lecture and Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Unity of Christians in the Catholic Faith
  • Mr Keith Brown for putting together a splendid selection of music for the same mass, together with all the musicians
  • Our President, Fr Michael Rear, for his Homily marking our Centenary of Foundation and 100 years of hopes and progress on the realisation of corporate reunion
  • Fr John Hunwicke for the First Centenary Lecture, on Dom Gregory Dix, the Catholic League and the Necessity of the Papacy
  • Fr Philip Warner for welcoming us to the Parish Church of St Magnus by London Bridge for our second Centenary Lecture and Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Unity of Christians in the Catholic Faith among our  Anglican members, together with his team of musicians and helpers
  • The Revd Canon Dr Robin Ward, Principal of St Stephen's House, for his Homily at the mass marking our Centenary of Inauguration and all that the principle of Catholic unity has meant in developing the Church of England's ecumenical aspirations and the need for the whole Church's integrity in faith and order
  • Judge Michael Yelton for the Second Centenary Lecture on The Quest for Unity: 100 Years of the Catholic League
  • Archdeacon Luke Miller for this addresses at the Centenary Festa at Walsingham in March 2013, on Fr Congreve SSJE and St Therese of Lisieux
  • Fr David Rollins, vicar of St Mary's, Corringham, Essex, for welcoming representatives of the League at the celebration there to mark the historic founding of the League and the beginning of Anglican-Catholic spiritual ecumenism in their parish
  • Bishop Norman Banks for his encouraging address at the same celebration in hope of recovering Catholic unity through prayer and love for the wholeness of Christ's one Church
  • Monica's Caterers, whose excellence made the Celebrations such a convivial delight
The addresses will be gathered into forthcoming editions of The Messenger.

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