Saturday 25 September 2010

The Messenger - Anglicanorum Coetibus Edition

Anglicans and Catholics in Communion, a special edition of The Messenger, is issued to members Monday 25 October 2010. Its focus is on the issues surrounding the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus and examines the vast question of Anglican Patrimony, as well as the implications for the new ecclesial structure in terms of Christian unity and of evangelisation.

The list of contents is attached here. A form is also included for non-members who would like to request a copy, subject to availability.

The collection of two dozens articles seeks to bring together the wide range of considered comment and analysis of the Apostolic Constitution as well as thinking on the future shape and ethos of the proposed Ordinariates. Alongside the official documentation and commentaries, there are major contributions from
  • Cardinal William Levada
  • Bishop Peter Elliott
  • Aidan Nichols OP
  • Canon Robin Ward
  • Professor Eamon Duffy and
  • An Interview with Cardinal Walter Kasper


  1. Would you pleased advise as to availability of the book in North America.

  2. To obtain a copy outside the United Kingdom, please see the form included with the table of contents (see the link in the post above). If you send us your contact details we would be happy to send you a copy in consideration of a donation to internal carriage costs made to the League through the Blessed John Henry Newman Fund (see left bar).