The Catholic League is a registered charity in England & Wales, number 232443. Its principal officers are:

The Revd Michael Rear

The Revd Mark Woodruff

General Secretary
Mr David Chapman
293 Ordnance Road,
Enfield, Middlesex
Telephone: 01992 763893
Correspondence concerning events, grants and pilgrimages, as well as all other matters other membership and publications should be addressed in the first instance to the General Secretary.

Mr Cyril Wood
13 Merino Green
Oakridge Park
Milton Keynes

MK14 6FL
Telephone: 01908 222232

Membership Secretary
The Revd Christopher Stephenson
27 Moor Lane, Newby,
YO12 5SL
Telephone: 01723 378572
Facsimile: 01723 377374
Enquiries relating to membership and requests for resources and publications should be addressed to the Membership Secretary.

Our Badge and Logo 
The objects of the Catholic League as set out in its constitution (which you can read here) are symbolised by its Badge or Logo. It shows a key and bishop's pastoral staff crossed in a square. This is shown at the top left corner of this website.

  • The square signifies the unity of the Church and is also a reminder of Christian perfection.
  • The key stands for the authority of the Church to set the world free, both from sin and from separation from union with God.
  • The pastoral staff stands for the Church's concern to guide Christians by teaching and sacrament into the complete truth of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd.

The Catholic League has no connection with the organisation of the same name, recently established in the United States of America. The Catholic League is wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause of visible Unity for the sake of proclaiming the Catholic faith in all its breadth and fulness, and for the reconciliation of all the world's Christians with the See of Peter, 'so that the world may believe'.