Anglicans & Catholics in Communion

The special edition of the Catholic League's Messenger, Anglicans & Catholics in Communion: Patrimony, Unity, Mission, sought to examine the many issues and concerns raised by the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus and the then forthcoming establishment of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in England. While stocks last, copies remain available for a small donation for costs to the League's work, from the Secretary and at St Paul's Bookshop by Westminster Cathedral (by kind permission of the manager).

The papers are also available for download below and we are most grateful to all the contributors and publishers for their permission to collect and disseminate this wealth of documentation and comment, particularly the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, and the editors of New Blackfriars, The Tablet and the Catholic Herald. The copyright in each case belongs to the author.

Statements & Reflections
Statement on Anglicanorum Coetibus – The Executive of the Catholic League
The Significance of the Apostolic Constitution – Gianfranco Ghirlanda SJ
Five Hundred Years after St John Fisher – Cardinal William Levada
Understanding Pope Benedict’s Offer to Traditional Anglicans – Bishop Peter Elliott
Christianity is not Darwinian – Catherine Pepinster

History & Ecclesiology
The Sinews of Behemoth – Robin Ward
A New and Living Way – Michael Rear
Anglican Uniatism: A Personal View – Aidan Nichols OP
Anglican Orders – Recognised or Received? – Mark Woodruff
What is a Personal Ordinariate? – Bishop Christopher Hill
Ordinariates: Unprecedented and Unknown? – Mark Woodruff
Canon Law: A Comparative Study – David Ackerman

Patrimony & Identity
Anglican Patrimony: A Catholic Historian’s Perspective - Eamon Duffy
The Anglican Tradition of Moral Theology – Robin Ward
Michael Ramsey and Anglican Spirit – Mark Woodruff
The Church of England – Parochial and Pastoral – Philip North
Pastoral & Evangelical Patrimony – Michael Rear
Inlook into Anglican Identity - Congregation of the English Mission, edited by Brooke Lunn
The Church of England and Englishness – Clifford Longley

Liturgical Identity
Patrimony? – John Hunwicke (in preparation)
Anglo-Catholics have a Patrimony – Anthony Reader-Moore
The Anglo-Catholic Myth – Robert Ian Williams
A Living Patrimony – Richard Lawes
Capturing Objective Reality – Christopher Philips & Aidan Nichols OP
Hymns: The Sound of Communion – Mark Woodruff

Unity & Mission
Joint Statement - The Archbishop of Westminster and the Archbishop of Canterbury
God Will Create Unity – Pope Benedict XVI
Interview with Cardinal Kasper – Giampaolo Mattei
Anglican Use Ordinariates and Ecumenism – Bishop Peter Elliott
England should be Catholic again – Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor
Catholic means Reaching Beyond – Archbishop Timothy Dolan
Apostolic Addresses in the United Kingdom – Pope Benedict XVI

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